Lifeline  is a premium alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Pune (Maharashtra, India). Lifeline’s multidisciplinary approach aims at holistically addressing the physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery. Group and individual counselling, therapy sessions, feelings management, anger management and yoga sessions are some of the approaches to ensure a complete healing of the body, the mind and the spirit.

Lifeline Team

Lifeline’s rehabilitation team comprising of in-house and visiting Counselors, Therapists, Psychiatrists, Nutritionists, Dentist, General Practitioners are all dedicated to support and guide the clients. They help the clients to develop a renewed attitude to life and equip them  with practical skills, so that they can pursue an addiction-free , productive life.

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Treatment Model

For addicts with long term abuse of drug and alcohol, it becomes even more difficult to end their abusive behavior. Drug and/or alcohol would have been an integral part of their lives for so long, that they are just not able to imagine a life without it.  Their best intent to refrain fails as they get sucked  into the same destructive environment of using buddies, dealers and other enablers. Our addiction treatment model is the result of years of experience in the field of addiction recovery.

Why Lifeline

We understand that addiction is an ailment and treat it accordingly – with love and care. Empathy is the basis of treatment at Lifeline. Treatment at Lifeline is based upon the knowledge that deaddiction and rehabilitation treatment must be as unique as the individual’s problem.  We take a 360 degree view of the individuals  history,  including the type and length of drug abuse,  health condition, family dynamics,  and social challenges. This information is used to structure a treatment program that provides the best opportunity for recovery and rehabilitation.

Treating problems realted to physical addiction to alocohol/drugs/substance is just the first step. The real challenge is to help the individuals to rediscover their old selves. Sustained recovery is possible only when individuals  are able to return to being contibuting members of their families and the community at large.  Lifeline team is commited to partner with them through this most critical journey.

Our relatioship does not end with their discharge from the program. We become an integral part of their addiction free life.

At lifeline, we live together, eat together and have fun together.  It is a home away from home. We inculcate the same values of living as a family – sharing, caring and supporting each other. We create an environment where idividuals develop a sense of belonging.  The aim is to remove them from their non-conducive, destructive environment and provide a home  where they are  surrounded by peers pursuing the same goal and a staff that is supportive and empathetic.

Addiction is a disease that affects an entire family as much as it does the addicts.  It is only natural for families of addicts to feel unsupported and helpless.  Misplaced guilt, blame and shame engulfs the families and makes it difficult for them to make the right choices and decision.

Lifeline  offers the much needed  support from the very beginning. We assist family members throughout the intake process. Our counsellors are available to engage in  communication  with the client and their family to  coach them in enrolling into the treatment. We are open to discuss and clarify any queries and alleviate their worries and their fears realted to the program.

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  • it's a very homely atmosphere at Lifeline. It's clean and modern. I feel like I am in my home.
    Akshay Singh
  • what I like about Lifeline is that respect is given and expected. All are treated with dignity.
    Rahul Patel
  • It's like home. The smell of home cooked food completed the homely feeling. Also we get non-veg options !!!
    Kurton David
  • I loved to draw and paint. But I had stopped doing that. At Lifeline I have rediscovered this lost interest. It's so relaxing. I am grateful to Lifeline for helping me to rediscover my talent.
    Imran Khan

Premium Alcohol & Drug De-addiction Center in Pune, India