Why You Should NOT Take Drug/Alcohol EVER in your Life!

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February 3, 2018
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May 23, 2018
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Why You Should NOT Take Drug/Alcohol EVER in your Life!

Those who are struggling with drug addiction find themselves wishing that they had never tried drugs!!!

However it’s not enough anymore to simply tell our children to just say no to Drug/Alcohols. They want to know why. Parents can help their children by keeping them informed about the dangers and risks they will most likely face.

Here are some of the top reasons why one should not do Drug/Alcohol:
1. It will mess with your mind
Drug/Alcohol gives the impression that you are more alert and aware but in reality, you are actually less aware and less alert. It leads to losing the ability to remember things, to think clearly and to study properly. Someone who is high tends to have poor judgment when it comes to deciding if they should or should not do something. Drug/Alcohols can also cause people to act in strange unpredictable ways. Instead of being easy-going or hardworking, Drug/Alcohols can make a person angry, bitter, and aggressive. Anxiety; hallucination; schizophrenia; and profound depression are some of the effects of Drug/Alcohol abuse.

2. They harm your body
Narcotic substances cause physical and mental damage to those who use them. There is a long list of diseases and health problems one can catch as a result of Drug/Alcohol abuse. Drug/Alcohol weakens your immune system causing increased risk of catching diseases and infections. It can also cause cardiovascular conditions ranging from abnormal heart rate to heart attacks and seizures, stroke to widespread brain damage. Meanwhile, the liver has to work harder, possibly causing significant damage or liver failure. No need to mention that a Drug/Alcohol overdose can kill you within minutes.

Besides the damage that Drug/Alcohol use can do to one’s physical appearance is very obvious.

3. It causes financial problems
Typically, addicts and their families pay a heavy financial cost, both in terms of the money spent on the substance or activity in question and in terms of lost wages and job opportunities. This is because Drug/Alcohol abusers and alcoholics spend all their savings to buy more Drug/Alcohols or alcohol. When they have no money to spend on the substance, they all end up stealing, cheating and lying, just to scrounge up enough cash to buy more substance. It’s not the price itself of Drug/Alcohols, but rather the depths to which addicts are prepared to plunge in order to pay for them, that is the real problem.

4. It will ruin your life
Drug/Alcohol use that seems a “cool” idea, in the beginning, can turn into a living nightmare that includes accidents, hospitalization, a life of crime, a criminal record, hurting those you love, destroyed relationships, a prison sentence and ultimately death. They lose their enthusiasm for life in their fixation on getting high. Friends and family have to bear the pain of seeing a Drug/Alcohol user suffer and degenerate into a soulless body. The negative impact of Drug/Alcohol use on loved ones is possibly the worst of all the ways in which Drug/Alcohols cause harm.

5. Drug/Alcohols mess with your marriage and also fertility.
Drug/Alcohol abusers can’t seem to be in a stable relationship. For many addicts, the first thing they think about when they wake up isn’t the welfare of their children or how their spouse or aging parents are doing. It’s whether or not they have the Drug/Alcohols they need for the day. Addiction can become selfish, self-centered and oblivious to other people’s concerns.
There is evidence that abuse of Drug/Alcohols can lead to impotence in males. Meanwhile, abuse of Drug/Alcohols/alcohol in females can affect unborn children, with the babies of Drug/Alcohol addicts far more likely to be underweight and to suffer from birth complications and neurological disorders.

6. It ruins our society
Drug/Alcohol addicts also tend to behave violently for the need of money, with family members, often ending up with crimes like murder. Drug/Alcohol-induced violence can lead to serious injury to the Drug/Alcohol users and to others. Serious crimes like murder or rapes could be committed unknowingly under the influence of Drug/Alcohols.
The increase in usage of Drug/Alcohols means more money to criminals and Drug/Alcohol lords. They do not care what effects the Drug/Alcohol have on their victims; they are only interested in the money. These criminals terrorize society, using violence against anyone who tries to stop them. This generates fear, suspicion, and misery in our communities which destabilizes our society and could lead to its disintegration.

7. It ruins your hopes and dreams
Everyone has hopes and dreams for the future, but for addicts, those hopes and dreams only focus down to where the next score is coming from. Every aspect of normal human behavior is ignored in this continuous quest for getting high. Eventually, they fail to accomplish anything in their life. Once they start to go down this path it’s hard or almost impossible for them to come back.

Remember Drug/Alcohol are the ultimate betrayer – you pay big money only to Destroy Yourself.

Source: http://entecity.com/news/7-reasons-to-not-take-drugs/

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